NaviWorld Celebrates 20th Anniversary

An Occasion of Joy down the Memory Lanes

NaviWorld Teams Celebrate

On September 21 2019, The NaviWorld Group celebrated our 20th anniversary.  The event was held at Cape Dara Hotel & Resort, Pattaya, in Thailand.

This special occasion marked 2 decades of remarkable evolution of the NaviWorld Group.  We evolved from a new start-up by 2 European couples.  The founders ventured into Asia for their first ERP roll out project.  They eventually build it into a leading provider of enterprise resource planning software and consulting service in the Asia and Worldwide regions.

NaviWorld teams from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar joined in the celebration of this special occasion.  It was  filled with joys and interaction between members from different countries.

Group CEO Opening Speech

Our group CEO, Ms. Gilda Maria Aaen, told the team that the company’s business growth and productivity of work depends on our team members. No individual can take the credit of all those years of success.

Celebrating a twentieth-year anniversary milestone is a big achievement in itself.  It’s a celebration for all who have been a part of the company through all those years.  There were emotional moments when she recalled the challenges that the team experienced over the years.  There was also a sense of pride when she elaborated our achievements.  She was especially proud when describing how the group develops into a leading ERP partners in the regions.

A video of the history of the NaviWorld Group was played during the speech and the pioneers recalled their past experience.


The celebration was filled with demonstration of team spirit during team building activities and Gala dinner.  CEOs and Leaders from our various countries of Singapore, Vietnam and Myanmar led the knowledge sharing sessions with the team members.  The last day of the event included a tour to floating market and big Buddha temple.

Farewell and Till our Meet Again

As the teams parted their way to return to their respective work posts, we look forward to NaviWorld Celebrating its next 20th Anniversary of excellence ERP project delivery in the Asia and Worldwide region.