Combine familiar Microsoft® Office applications with powerful CRM software to improve marketing effectiveness, boost sales, and enrich customer service interactions. Microsoft Dynamics® CRM equips business professionals with access to customer information through a familiar Microsoft Outlook® experience which helps ensure rapid user adoption and fast results.

Deliver on the power of productivity with a CRM solution that is:

CRM that is natural and personal

  • Next-Generation Outlook Client: Manage all your email messages, meetings, contacts, and customer information in one place with the native Microsoft Outlook client.
  • Office-Fluent UI: Improve productivity with preview panes, contextual Office ribbons, and key Office features like mail merge and Microsoft Excel® export/import.
  • Lead to Cash Visibility. Maximize every customer interaction, from marketing outreach to sales engagement to problem resolution, with a 360-degree customer view.
  • Advanced Personalization: Use role-based forms, personal views, record pinning, and most recently used lists to tailor the CRM experience to your users’ needs.
  • Flexibility: Quickly customize and extend CRM to meet your organization’s unique needs with drag-and-drop customization and intuitive developer tools.

Become a Dynamic Business

  • Marketing: Maximize Marketing Spend
    Improve your organization’s marketing effectiveness with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Provide your marketing professionals with flexible segmentation tools, simplified campaign management capabilities, intuitive response tracking, and insightful analytics to improve your marketing effectiveness.
  • Sales: Win More Deals
    Spend more time on selling and less time on administrative tasks with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Take advantage of full lead to cash visibility, lead and opportunity tracking, streamlined approvals, and real-time sales forecasts to drive increased sales output and higher close rates.
  • Customer Service: Delight Customers
    Provide compelling customer service experiences that build customer loyalty with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Empower your people with tools that simplify case management, streamline escalations, improve knowledge sharing, and enable more effective account management, all while helping to contain service costs.
  • Extended CRM: Optimize All Relationships
    Use the inherent flexibility and extensibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to maximize the value of all relationships. Quickly create custom business applications and industry solutions without compromising on capabilities, budget, or delivery time right from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.